New Beginnings


sylvester-970863_640Over the past couple of years, I’ve grown averse to making New Year’s resolutions, as it’s a sure fire way for my all-or-nothing mentality monster to rear its ugly head and just wait for me to lose steam before altogether failing. Instead, I’ve gotten into the habit of ending a year with releasing things that are no longer serving me and showing gratitude for everything I was given and accomplished over the past year. Still, I’m not completely opposed to the concept of new beginnings for a new year.

In the spirit of new beginnings and releasing things that are no longer serving me, I’ve decided to delete the multiple blogs (some anonymous) that I was maintaining and instead create one blog which will encompass everything that I’d like to write about. I’m somewhat notorious for starting and stopping blogs, but that’s because I love to write and I’m passionate about so many different things–writing, entertainment, personal growth, to name a few–that it’s hard for me to creatively stay in one lane.

So why bother?

Hence, my shiny new blog: I went old school general with the domain and title, but really, what better way to represent what I’m all about than to just make the blog mine. I’ve saved some of the old posts from my other blogs that I’d like to archive here, so I will interweave them with new posts moving forward. Sidenote: the screenwriting blog that I keep with my screenwriting partner will stay separate as that’s a dual effort 🙂

I’m really excited for this. I’m excited to have one home for all of my writing. I’m excited to link one solitary blog to all of my other social media accounts. The organization and convenience of it all has me all sorts of internally flailing. I’m also excited that my writing will no longer be limited to a specific niche or topic.

Above all else, however, I’m just really excited to write.

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