About Me


oldladieswithblanketsI’ve started and stopped so many blogs in the past that I should be embarrassed, but what I’ve come to realize is that instead of focusing on a “niche topic,” it’s best for me to focus on, well, me. The tag line of my blog, “writing, soul searching, and fangirl favs” sums up the things in life that light me up.

Writing: I love to write. It is my true passion, and I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t writing. I have journals that go back almost 20 years, and letters to my gram that go back even further. To the surprise of no one, I majored in English Literature in college. By the time I graduated, I was actively penning my own stories. I spent five years as the Communications & Development Coordinator of a local charity, and it was there that I learned to hone my writing and editing skills. Although I currently work as an administrative professional in the education field, writing is my calling. In fact, most of my spare time is spent writing – I have a screenwriting partner, and we’re currently finalizing our third script, and I also write fiction on the side. Also also, I’m slowly delving into the world of freelance writing and hope to one day be a real live full-time writer by trade (and monies). 

WordsSoul Searching: I am all about soul searching and personal growth. I love learning about and experimenting in woo woo mysticism, meditation, self-love, enlightenment, and anything and everything in that realm. I’m all about the journey, and I don’t think there is a finish line or a moment when we’re done or made it. We’re here to keep on living and exploring, and that’s what I plan to do (and share!).

Fangirl Favs: I’ve been a fangirl almost as long as I’ve been a writer. They may even be tied. From Ninja Turtles and Captain Planet to Marvel and DC comics, I am a card-carrying fangirl of so many fandoms. I think what it comes down to is: I love storytelling.

If you read this far, you deserve a prize, so let me do your writing for you! Check out my freelancing page for more information!

Thank you so much for visiting my little corner of the internet!

– Pam Przybylski (Priz-uh-bill-skee)