10 Chapters In


Tea and JournalI hit a writing milestone this week with my current book, Destination Happiness – I am officially 10 chapters into writing this bad boy!!! As of now, that equates to just under 29,000 words. My goal is the 80-90K words range, which I think is definitely doable with my rough outline of 23 chapters.

Iโ€™m doing something Iโ€™ve never done before in writing fiction, and thatโ€™s to really focus more on characters, dialogue, and driving the plot, and less on the settings and details for the first go โ€˜round. As a control freak plagued by perfectionism, itโ€™s tough to just gloss over parts, but itโ€™s also kind of liberating. I feel like I am trusting myself to write what needs to come out now, knowing that I will be able to go back and beef up the minutia when itโ€™s time to get in the every-little-detail-counts head space.

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