Stay True to Your Story


My actual facts writing station 🙂

My writing partner, Jess, and I have been doing this writing thing together for almost seven years now (although I’ve been writing since I could pick up a pen and kind of sort of spell lol). We started with a thriller novel, and then we tried our pens at screenwriting and found our passion.

Over the years, we’ve penned a few scripts – rough drafts, mind you hahaha, but we’ve gotten a few stories done, start to finish. We’ve learned a lot, made a ton of stupid newb mistakes, found our combined voice, and fantasized about selling our scripts and seeing our movies come to life. But one of the biggest lessons we’ve learned to date is a fairly recent revelation…

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That Time I Was Anti Harry Potter

HP Books

I know, my bookshelves are hot af.

Lately my social feeds and favorite news sources have been flooded with headlines reflecting on the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter, and just reminiscing on my own personal history with the fandom has me all sorts of nostalgic. Anyone who knows me and my fangirl ways would probably just assume that I’m a HP fangirl, and although I am, that wasn’t always the case.

::cue dramatic music::

I was a teenager when Harry Potter became the it thing. I was also (and still am) a bit of a rebel, so although I loved to read, I refused to read the books simply because everyone else was reading them. I was sick of hearing my friends talk about them and decided to stubbornly stay as far away from the HP bandwagon as I could.

Until weeks before the release of the fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

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Fangirl Fave: The Lord of the Rings


img_2693I was sick over New Year’s and sadly missed my scheduled NYE plans, but instead of moping and feeling sorry for myself, I decided to start a 3-night rewatch of The Lord of the Rings movies. The extended editions, of course, because I do not mess around with my fangirl faves.

I fell in love with The Lord of the Rings (LotR) by accident. I’d heard of the books of course, but had always kind of rebelled against them because long, and my mean 8th grade Algebra teacher had dogs named Bilbo and Frodo. I could not possibly like something that he enjoyed. And yet, years later when FotR was released and my dad picked up the VHS (yes, you read that right) at Acme on a whim…well, the rest, as they say, is history.

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