Fangirl Fav: The Brave



I think we all know by now that I’m a huge fangirling nerdbomber when it comes to TV and movies. Oh, and books. Duh. So I wanted to take a minute to fangirl over my favorite new show of the season so far: The Brave. It airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC, and here’s the official rundown of the show (edited a bit for brevity’s sake):

This fresh, heart-pounding journey into the complex world of America’s elite undercover military heroes follows Captain Adam Dalton (Mike Vogel) and his heroic Special Ops squad of highly trained undercover specialists as they carry out each mission on the ground. This team works hand-in-hand with D.I.A. Deputy Director Patricia Campbell (Anne Heche) and her team of analysts as they wield the world’s most advanced surveillance technology from headquarters in D.C. All members of this elite squad, both in D.C. and across the world, have one thing in common: their resilience and commitment to freedom is unmatched by any other. Often facing insurmountable challenges, the team works tirelessly to get the job done and to prevail in even the most complex situations. Week after week, the team uses that determination along with their unbreakable bond to save the lives of innocent people and execute missions in some of the most dangerous places in the world.

It’s soooo good. I’m a huge action nerd with a soft spot for military dramas (note: my all time fav being Strike Back), and this show definitely fits the bill. Since the above synopsis was lengthy (and I swear, I did edit it for brevity’s sake hahaha), here’s a list o’ doom to cover why I heart this show…

Why I Love The Brave (And You Should Too)

  • It has something for everyone: action, drama, eye candy, heart strings pulling, suspense, humor, etc.
  • Mike Vogel (and his beard, ‘cause dayum, son).
  • Lots of well choreographed action sequences.
  • Strong female characters. The team’s sniper is a badass named Jaz, and of course Anne Heche rocks it as Patricia Campbell.
  • I’m pretty sure they use the phrase, “Stay frosty,” every episode, and I appreciate that!
  • Mike Vogel’s face (and biceps). #sorrynotsorry
  • There’s a lot of behind the scenes combat training and the like to make the show realistic and also pay homage to real life military heroes.
  • The ensemble cast is really talented and they have great chemistry.
  • Even for a high stakes military drama, there are moments of well executed humor that I appreciate. Case in point: Vogel’s Adam Dalton has a lot of sassy one liners that warrant a giggle or two.

I really like this how a lot and look forward to watching it each week. Of course, since it’s on NBC, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was suddenly canceled, since that seems to be their MO, especially for shows I like (lookin’ at you, Revolution). But, hopefully that’s not the case here.

I know there were quite a few military dramas that premiered this season, including SEAL Team (CBS) and Valor (The CW – don’t judge me), but I think The Brave was the most captivating. I couldn’t get through the first episode of SEAL Team without being distracted (sorry, David Boreanaz 😦 You’ll always be my vampire bae.). And Valor I really just tried because Matt Barr and his hair and abs and whatever, sometimes I’m just a really shallow fangirl, okay?

TLDR: Try The Brave. I think it’s great and deserves the viewership.