Ushering in a New Year


IntentionsIt’s taken me a couple of weeks to ease into the new year. I wanted to give myself the time and space to reflect on 2017 before getting into the 2018 mindset. Over the last couple of years, I’ve started to do a few various end of year/new year activities that have become my traditions.

Reflect & Take Inventory

I like to reflect on the year that is coming to a close and take inventory of:

  • What did I accomplish?
  • How did I grow?
  • What do I wish I would have done differently?
  • What did I let fall to the wayside that I should refocus on in the new year?
  • My appreciations for the year that is ending.

Gratitude Jar

The gratitude is the fun part. Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve started to do a yearly gratitude jar. Throughout the year, I will make notes on things, experiences, quotes, or anything really that I want to remember at the end of the year. On New Year’s Eve, I will empty my gratitude jar and read everything I collected over the past year. Then I’ll update my jar for the upcoming year.

Write & Release

If I feel like there’s something negative that I need to release before going into the new year, I’ll usually write a letter about it (or to the person who is causing the meh feels) and then read it out loud and then burn it. The burning part can be kind of scary since I live in a smaller apartment, but I use a dutch oven to keep it contained 🙂

Intentions for the New Year

My favorite tradition is reflecting on the intentions I’d like to use to guide my year and mindset. I’m not really into New Year resolutions, because they bring out my all-or-nothing perfectionist monster, which is no bueno.

I take into consideration everything I want to do, accomplish, and feel in the upcoming year, and then play around with words until I find the ones that feel good. Those are my intentions.

My 2018 Intentions

So, for 2018, I decided on the following for my intentions:

Create:  Creating is what lights me up. My intention to create in 2018 encompasses a bunch of things: screenplays, novels, blog posts, content for my side hustle that I adore, and I’ve been getting more and more into doodling and artsy fartsy writing in my soul journal, so I want to keep incorporating those forms of self-expression because they are fun and make me feel good.

Manifest: 2017 was a year of self-discovery and reflection for me. I want 2018 to be all about manifestation. I’m ready to start a new phase in my life and really invite in all of my wildest dreams, desires, hopes, and wishes. I’m ready to see change and results, and super excited at the prospect of bringing them to life.

Purpose: As I mentioned, last year was really about self-discovery for me, and it helped me get a clear vision on my calling and what I find fulfilling in life. I know my purpose, and I’m ready to activate it 🙂 I mean, that’s why I’m here, right? We’re all here for a reason, so once you realize what it is, you need to worrrrrk it.

I am really excited for 2018. I just have a feeling it’s going to be such a magical year with a lot of big changes and accomplishments. There are so many things that have been on the horizon for a long time, and now I feel like I’m finally closing in on them.

To a vibrant, creative, and magical 2018 ❤


Go with the Friendship Flow


friends-1272735_640It’s been about five years or so since I started to dabble in the realm of personal growth, and within the past year I’ve really leveled up my commitment to my own journey of self-discovery. The concept of connection has been on my radar more and more, and I’m beginning to realize not only the importance of connection and our relationship with others, but also how it can spawn revelations when it comes to personal growth and authenticity.

Over the years, like everyone, I’ve experienced an ebb and flow with my friendships. None of my current friends are people I knew before college, and I’ve shed two of my longest tenured (think at least 10 years) and deepest friendships over the past two years alone. Losing those two friendships was really painful, but it also made me realize how important it is to let go of relationships that no longer serve you, especially if they’re toxic. Each of us deserves to be treated with love and respect, and if that isn’t something that you are receiving in your relationships, then it’s time to let them go. It’s also important to realize that sometimes you just outgrow people. I know for me, once I opened myself to authenticity and personal integrity and really took inventory of my personal values and beliefs, it was extremely difficult for me to settle for friendships that were unbalanced or shallow.

Looking past the pain of those lost friendships, I realized that the connections that I still maintain are bonds that truly light me up. I have quality friends. I am surrounded by people who genuinely love me and care about me and my life. They want what’s best for me. They encourage me to chase my dreams and explore my potential. They support me in good times and bad, and they love me for me. Really, at the end of the day, that is all any of us want, right?

The awesome–and unexpected–result of shedding toxic relationships is that it made me really invest in my relationship with myself. I began to realize that I deserve better. I deserve to receive the same quality of love and support that I so freely offer to others. Self-love was a big theme for me this year (in case you couldn’t tell ;), and it’s the reason I decided to dive into the amazing group coaching program that I’ve mentioned before.

And you know what happened once I did that?

friends_handsI received an influx of new and beautiful people in my life. These amazing earth angels share so many of the struggles and aspirations that I experience, and it has allowed us to bond quickly and on a much deeper level than I was used to. Bonds like that, particularly ones that accompany hardcore soul-searching, force you to be better. It’s because of that program, those ladies, and these new connections that I continue to dig deep and explore who I am and all of the things of which I’m capable.

When you live your life constantly inspired and excited for what could be, it’s like you’re living on a magical plane of infinite possibilities. And yes, that is probably too froo froo and woo woo for lots of people, but for me – it’s epic. It makes me smile. It makes my heart beat faster in anticipation. I know that I am aligned and being authentic to who I am, and I think that’s one of the reasons why I’m here – to shine my light and give others permission to do the same. That revelation and the feeling that goes along with it would never be possible if it wasn’t for the amazing, beautiful, soul tribe worthy friends who are part of my life. So thank you. All of you. I love you more than words are capable of expressing, and you know that from me, Little Miss Writer, that says a lot 🙂 ❤